Industries Served

Water purification is a large niche with a number of Commercial and Industrial markets that use purified water for their needs.


Food Service Industry

Purified water is extensively used in Food and Beverage Industry. Water purification may be required as an input , as part of manufacturing process, as well as sanitizing and cleaning.


Breweries and Distillery

Water is an essential component of the Beer and most commercial entities use some type of purified water. Every Brewery, Winery or Distillery will start with good quality water source.


Hydroponics and Agricultural Industry

Hydroponics, irrigation, livestock and poultry industries are common users of purified water.


Laboratory / High Purity Water

High Purity Water is used in Labs, Hospitals, Biological Research , Dental Offices and in a lot of similar applications.



Processed and Purified Water is one of the important components everywhere in the manufacturing industry. From Electronics, Cooling Towers, Anodizing, Washing Parts - you can find purified water everywhere.


Other Industries

Other industries that use purified water are Laundromats, Car Washes, Produce Growing , Misting , Bottled Water, Power Companies and many more.